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UK-Belgian Visitor Service
Belgium Visa Application Centre – Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou will be closed on 03 September 2015...
Published on 18 August 2015
Launch of UK - Belgian visitor service from 1 July 2015...
Published on 20 June 2015
Welcome to the website for Belgian Visa Application Centres in China

The Embassy and Consulates General of Belgium are pleased to announce the opening of their Visa Application Centres in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. This service is available for residents in China who wish to apply for a Belgian Visa.

The visa applications have to be submitted to the center based on the address stated on the hukou or temporary resident card:

  • The jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Belgium in Guangzhou includes the following provinces: Guangdong, Yunnan, Guangxi, Hainan, Fujian.
  • The jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Belgium in Shanghai includes the following provinces: Jiangsu, Anhui, Zheijiang.
  • All other Chinese provinces and Autonomous Regions belong to the jurisdiction of the Embassy of Belgium in Beijing.

All applications will be assessed by The Embassy of Belgium, Beijing or The Consulates General in Shanghai or Guangzhou depending on the province of the applicant. We offer the option of courier service for return of passport, directly at your doorstep.

For Prospective Applicants

If you wish to apply for a visa to Belgium, kindly read the information on this site carefully. The guidelines listed on this site are to help you prepare your documents as accurately as possible. This will reduce the chances of your application being delayed or declined due to inadequate or incorrect submission of documents.


Applicants are requested to read the following steps carefully before submitting their application at the Visa Application Centre at Beijing, Guangzhou or Shanghai.

COUNTER Application

Counter applications can be made by applicants themselves or by their representatives
Step 1 : Applicants from China should submit their applications at the Belgium Visa Application Center in Beijing between 0800 -1430( Monday –Friday), Belgium Visa Application Centre in Shanghai and Guangzhou, between 0800 – 1400 (Monday – Friday) - except on the holidays mentioned in the Mainland China Holiday list.
Step 2 : Make a clear copy of all the original documents, and two clear copies of passport data page.
Step 3 : Complete the visa application form and document checklist. You should download the application form here.
Step 4 : You may refer to the ‘Important News & Notices’ section on the left side of this page and look for any relevant updated information or notices before applying.
Step 5 : Pay your visa application fee and facilitation fee at the Visa Application Centre, along with your application form and required documents mentioned on this site as per your visa type.

POSTAL Applications

Postal application acceptance and visa fee remittance is ONLY available for people lawfully residing in China. Applications mailed from other countries are not acceptable at the Visa Application Centre.

Step 1 : Download the application form.
Download the relevant Checklist for visa application type and prepare documents as required by the Checklist.
Step 2 : Applicants should remit to the designated bank account the relevant visa fee + facilitation fee for each application + EMS courier charge for each passport included with the application.

Please write the applicant's name and date of birth under the additional comments section when you make the payment, either deposit or bank transfer, and send us the payment evidence with your application so that we can quickly identify your payment.

You must ensure that we receive the full and correct amount requested. Any banks charges must be taken care of at your end.

*Please be advised that if the name of the remitter is not applicant’s name you should write the applicant’s name and date of birth on the bank remittance record.
*Please clarify the purpose of the remittance.

*Please be advised that Third-Party Payment such as Alipay or Wechat Pay is NOT acceptable.

Please remit your fees to the following bank account if you are submitting your application to the Beijing Visa Application Centre:
Name of Bank: 中国银行北京使馆区支行
Bank Account Number: 341562002494
Account Holder Name: 北京双雄对外服务公司签证代理服务中心

Please remit your fees to the following bank account if you are submitting your application to the Shanghai Visa Application Centre:
Name of Bank: 中信银行上海卢湾支行
Bank Account Number: 7313510182600038984
Account Holder Name: 上海申慧因私出入境服务有限公司比利时签证中心

Please remit your fees to the following bank account if you are submitting your application to the Guangzhou Visa Application Centre :
Name of Bank: 中国工商银行广州第二支行
Bank Account Number: 3602 0005 1920 0501 304
Account Holder Name: 广东中旅移民签证顾问有限公司
Step 3 : Make sure when you pack your application to be sent to the VAC it includes:
  • Completed the valid Application Form with signature
  • Completed Checklist with signature
  • Supporting Documents
  • The copy of the bank remittance record
  • ONE EMS Airway Bill per Passport that will be used to return passport (s), please complete the information of receiver.(Should not remove any leaf from the Airway Bill)
Step 4 : Please send an Email to the VAC email ID to which documents have been sent, the scan copy of EMS Airway Bill along with the bank remittance record and applicants’ details so that the VAC can check the whereabouts of your application and confirm when it arrives.
Step 5 : If the postal application is received and payment confirmed before 12:00hrs, the application will be forwarded by the Visa Acceptance Centre to the Embassy/Consulate on the same working day. If the couriered application is received after 12:00hrs and payment confirmed, then the application will be forwarded to the Embassy/Consulate on the next working day.
Step 6 : The checklist will be verified by VAC staff. If there are any documents missing you will be advised by phone /email to inform which documents are missing. (The application will be forwarded to Belgium Embassy/ Consulate as it is. The Belgium Embassy/ Consulate may request that you provide the missing documents, or your application may be rejected.)
Step 7 : An Invoice cum Receipt (ICR) will be generated by the VAC. The original ICR will be put into the pass back envelope to be returned. A soft copy of the ICR / your application reference number will be sent to you by email for online tracking.
Step 8 : If the fee is remitted incorrect , i.e. either more or less then we will inform you via phone/email , you have to remit again with the correct fee and email us the confirmation with the bank slip, then we will return the fees which you remitted at the first time. We will only proceed with your application once we have received the balance of the fee.
(Please remember to scan the payment receipt and email to the VAC to inform)
Step 9 : You may refer to ‘Important News & Notices’ section on the left side of this page & look for any relevant updated information or notices before applying
Remarks: Any pending application for incomplete documents or fees will be only kept in the Visa Application Centre for 15 calendar days, otherwise it will be returned to you.

Note: Belgium Visa Application Centre takes no responsibility for loss of documents in Courier Transit.

If You Have Already Applied
If you have already applied for a Visa you can Track Your Application using our visa Application tracker service.

Attention Travellers!
Physically challenged applicants are requested to contact our helpline prior to visiting our centre to submit your application so that we may offer you best possible assistance.

For more information, please visit & &