Family Reunion


Foreigners of third countries who want to join their family in Belgium.

For more information, please visit the website of the Immigration Office in Brussels:


Visa Category General Rule Visa fee in Euro Visa Fee in RMB
Long stay (more than 90 days) Spouse/partner and Children (under the age of 21) of EU and Swiss citizens
0 0
National from : Israel, San Marino, Japan, Morocco and Turkey
0 0
Students in the programs of Erasmus Mundus, Lotus and Tempus.
0 0
Students with scholarship from the Belgian State (Federal State or Regional Authorities) (like DGCD, VLIR, etc.); from Belgian Universities and Belgian High Schools and from European Commission or European Institutions. 0 0
Researchers who have a scholarship from a Belgian University (including researchers who have signed a “gastovereenkomst – convention d’accueil”) 0 0
All other applicant 180 1458

Visa Service Fee for Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou: 165RMB

Visa Service Fee for Shenyang, Jinan, Xi’an, Wuhan, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Fuzhou and Kunming: 194RMB

Additional Service:

VIP Premium Service Lounge 260RMB

Photocopy 1RMB

Photo 40RMB

Courier 65RMB

Applicants are requested to collect the invoice for all payments.

Administrative fee for LONG STAY visas for Belgium

Please be informed that as from 2 March 2015 a new administrative fee has to be paid before the submission of some LONG STAY visas for Belgium. This fee has to be paid to Immigration office, Belgium by the applicant or by a third party which can be in Belgium (family member, employer, sponsor). The proof of payment has to be provided together with the visa application. Some applicants do not have to pay this fee (see table undermentioned with exceptions).

This administrative fee has no interference with the visa fees, which remain the same and have to be paid at the submission of the file at one of the Visa Application Centres of Visa Facility Service (VFS) Global in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou.

You will find in attachment a table with an overview of this administrative fee per category as well as all the cases in which an exemption is granted, for example, if the applicant is less than 18 years old or if the person to be joined in Belgium has refugee status or benefits from subsidiary protection.

The administrative fee has to be paid to Immigration Office, Belgium in euroby bank transfer, directly to the following bank account (payments in RMB will not be accepted):

IBAN: BE57 6792 0060 9235.


Name of beneficiary: FOD Binnenlandse Zaken, Dienst Vreemdelingenzaken or SPF Intérieur, Office des étrangers

Address of beneficiary: Antwerpsesteenweg 59B, 1000 Brussel or Chaussée d’Anvers 59B, 1000 Bruxelles (Belgium)

Optional: name + address of bank of beneficiary: BPOST NV, Muntcentrum/Centre Monnaie, 1000 Brussel/Bruxelles (Belgium)

The communication (statement) of this payment must clearly mention:

  • Surname and First name of the applicant (as written in his/her passport)
  • His/her nationality
  • His/her date of birth: day (dd) – month (MM) – year (YYYY)
  • Purpose of his/her stay (Article nr … - refer for that to the table undermentioned)

The communication (statement) must strictly fit the following layout:

Surname_First name_Nationality_DD.MM.YYYY_Article…Loi 15.12.1980.


  1. LU_WEN_CHINESE_01.02.1903_Article 10bis_Loi 15.12.1980
  2. LU_WEN_KENYAN_00.00.1903_Article 61/11_Loi 15.12.1980

Please be aware that:

  • The transfer costs are in charge of the person making the payment
  • The administrative fee is not refundable if the visa is refused or in case of overpayment
  • In case of insufficient payment the balance has to be paid within 30 days. If the balance is not paid, the initial payment is not refundable.

The applicant has to provide the proof of payment of the administrative fee at the submission of his/her visa application. If this is not the case, the visa application is not admissible. There is no administrative fee for children (under 18) and family members of refugees (persons with refugee status or benefiting from subsidiary protection). There are exceptions for other categories too (see table with overview undermentioned).

Administrative fee to be paid to Immigration Office, Belgium for certain type of LONG STAY visa (more than 90 days):

Applicants under 18 years old do not pay an extra fee (free).

Applicants of 18 years old or above pay an administrative fee in following cases:

Purpose of the journey Article of the law of 15.12.1980 to be mentioned in the communication of payment (bank transfer) Fee Exemptions
Temporary Authorization of stay (ASP) Article 9 350€ (a)
Studies in a private higher education establishment Article 9 350€ (a)(h)
Authorization if stay for  humanitarian reasons (introduced in Belgium) Article 9bis 350€  
Family reunion with holder of Belgian residence card type B, C, D, F or F+ Article 10 200€ (a), (b), (c), (d), (e)
Family reunion with holder of Belgian residence card type A or H Article 10bis 200€ (a), (c), (d), (e)
Family reunion with a Belgian citizen Article 40ter 200€ (d), (f)
Study in an educational establishment organized, recognized or subsidized by the public authorities Article 58 200€ (h)
Researcher with a hosting agreement Article 61/11 350€ (h)
European Blue Card Article 61/27 350€  
Return visa - Authorization to return to Belgium after having left the Belgian territory more than 1 year ago Article 19, §2 350€ (a), (g)
Recovery of status of long-term resident Article 19, §2 350€ (a), (g)
  1. the applicant is a beneficiary of the Agreement establishing an Association agreement between EEU and Turkey signed on 12.9.1963: free
  2. the person to be joined in Belgium has the refugee status: free
  3. the person to be joined in Belgium is eligible for subsidiary protection: free
  4. the applicant is over 18 years old, unmarried and handicapped (a medical certificate from a doctor approved by the Embassy indicating that he cannot meet his own needs because of his disability has to be presented): free
  5. the applicant is a family member of a foreigner to whom a Schengen member state has issued a long-term resident status, and was part of the household of the long-term resident in that other Member State: 60 €
  6. the person to be joined in Belgium is a Belgian citizen who has used his right of free movement inside the European Union (Directive 2004/38 /CE): free
  7. the applicant has the refugee status or is the family member of a foreigner who has the refugee status: free
  8. FREE FOR SCHOLARS from a Belgian or assimilate authorities : all students in a recognized or subsidized by a public authorities institution or in a private school and researchers with or without hosting agreement and recognized as long term resident in another European Union country as long as they are accepted for a scholarship (*) allocated by an authority or organism mentioned under art 1st/1 of the Royal decree from 08/10/1981 among which :

(*) the scholarship form should be added to the file.

  • Belgian Government
  • Belgian Communities or Regions or local authorities in Belgium.
  • Belgian Universities, High Schools, Academies…
  • International organizations to which Belgian is a member (ex. European Union)
  • Recognized Foundations among which :
  • List :

  • Fonds Fédéral de la Recherche Scientifique / Federaal Fonds Voor Wetenschappelijke Onderzoek (FFRS/FFWO)
  • Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde Prins Leopold / Institut de médecine tropicale Prince Léopold
  • Institut Supérieur d’Histoire de l’Art et d’Archéologie de Bruxelles
  • Fondation Francqui Fonds
  • Collège d’Europe
  • Centre d’Etudes de l’Energie Nucléaire
  • Fondation Roi Baudouin
  • Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad (VLIR)
  • Vlerick Business School
  • Institut d’Etudes du Judaïsme
  • Fondation ATD Quart Monde Belgique
  • Erasmus Fonds
  • Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth
  • Brussels Business Institute of Higher Education
  • Universiteit Antwerp Management School
  • Fondation ULB
  • IMEC International….

Photo Specifications

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Processing Time

Holders of a work permit or a professional card, as well as their family members who apply together or within 6 months under family reunion category, can expect their visa to be issued between 2 and 15 working days.

The processing time for long stay visa applications varies per category and the season of the year and can take between 2 and 9 months.

For more information on the processing time, please visit the website of the Belgian Ministry of Home Affairs.

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