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In order to apply for a Schengen visa at the Embassy of Malta in Beijing, your main destination (the longest part of your stay) must be Malta. If you plan to visit several Schengen countries and the main destination cannot be determined, you must apply for the visa at the Embassy of the Member State that is your first entry to the Schengen area.

The Embassy of Malta in Beijing handles applications for:

  1. Chinese citizens
  2. Citizens of a Third Country in possess of a regular Chinese residence permit (Work Visa or Study Visa) which expiry date is at least three months after the date of the return in China


Please Note:

Chinese citizens living abroad have to apply at the Maltese mission abroad covering the place of residence of the applicant. As a rule the residence is defined as the place a person is living, working or studying at. If the normal abode is not in agreement with the place of issue of the passport, the applicant is asked to present a residence permit issued at least six months prior to application. The Embassy may require extra documents (working contract, house property) to support residence permit.

Schengen visas (C type) are all the visas for a period of stay of maximum 90 days and include: tourism, business, study, medical visit, seafarers, visit family, sport and cultural conferences visa.

National visas (D type) include all the categories of visa for a period of stay of over 90 days: work, family reunion, residence permit holders.

The Visa category chosen by the applicant must be made by the applicant him/herself. The visa application center staff is not allowed to making the choice for you.