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Resident Visa


 New Zealand welcomes new migrants – people who will contribute to New Zealand by bringing valuable skills or qualifications, setting up a business, or making a financial investment. These include people applying under the following categories.

New Zealand also offer opportunities for family reunification by allowing residents and citizens to sponsor family members for residence.


To apply for a Visa to New Zealand, you would need to pay for the Visa Fee and the VFS Global Service Fee.

The Visa Fees, VFS Global Service Fee are applicable per application. The visa fee can be paid together or separately as per applicant’s requirements.

For Visa fee, please refer to Visa Fee for more information.

For VFS Global Service Fee kindly refer to the below table: - (In China to be paid in RMB only).

Application Lodgement CNY 235 / per application
Group Visas lodged by ADS agents CNY 210 / per applicant
Group Visas NOT lodged by ADS agents CNY 235 / per applicant
Passport Handling CNY 185 / per application
Application Lodgement HKD 275 / per application
Group Visas lodged by ADS agents HKD 250 / per applicant
Group Visas NOT lodged by ADS agents HKD 275 / per applicant
Passport Handling HKD 205 / per application

For more information on Valued Added Services, please refer to “Additional Services


  1. Cash at the counter
  2. Via Post either bank deposit or bank transfer only.
Bank Details – BEIJING
Bank Name 中国银行北京使馆区支行
Account Number 341 559 508 313
Account Name 北京双雄对外服务公司签证代理服务中心
Bank Details – CHENGDU
Bank Name 中信银行成都分行:
Account Number 7411 0101 8260 0383 220
Account Name 成都中恒天信出入境服务有限公司
Bank Details – GUANGZHOU
Bank Name 中国银行广州时代广场支行:
Account Number 710757754165
Account Name 广州广之旅海外咨询服务有限公司
Bank Details – SHANGHAI
Bank Name 中信银行上海卢湾支行
Account Number 7313510182600039290
Account Name 上海申慧因私出入境服务有限公司新西兰签证中心
Bank Details – HONGKONG
Bank Name HSBC Hong Kong
Account Number 640-198800-001
Bank Code 004
Swift Code (Overseas Internet Transfer) HSBCHKHHHKH

Documents Required

For 'Residence-Family - Parents', and 'Residence – Family-Siblings and Adult Child'
Before lodging your application, please consider contacting INZ at 0508 558 855 (calling in New Zealand) or +64 9 914 4100 (calling from overseas) to check the eligibility of your sponsor at the time you plan to lodge your application. The eligibility of your sponsor affects the result of your application. If you withdraw your application after lodgment the facilitation fees and application fees are not refundable.

Download Forms

For Residence Visa Application Form and Guide, please click here.

Processing Time

Please click here to obtain information for processing time.

Photo Specification

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has introduced new, stricter quality requirements for photographs accompanying visa applications. INZ recommends that visa applicants submit photos taken by a professional photographer or a business set up to take passport photos. The detailed new Acceptable Photo requirements are available on the INZ website. The website also provides guidance on how to respond to specific error messages. (Note: the INZ Immigration Contact Centre will not be able to help resolve photo upload errors if applying through Immigration ONLINE).

Click here for more information.