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Our Visa types:

Schengen visas (C type): the visas for a period of stay of maximum 90 days, including tourism, business, short term study, visit family and friends, sport, medical treatment etc.

National visas (D type): the visas for a period of stay of over 90 days, including study, work and family reunion. When you obtain a D visa, once you arrive in Italy, you should request a residence permit at the local police station within 8 days from your arrival.

The Consulate General of Italy in Guangzhou handles Schengen visa applications for:

  • Your main destination (the longest part of your stay) must be Italy.
  • If the longest stay Schengen countries include two or more Schengen countries, the first entry Schengen country (among all the longest stay Schengen countries) must be Italy.

The Consulate General of Italy in Guangzhou handles visa applications for following applicants:

  1. Chinese citizens
  2. Foreigner  Citizens (in possess of a regular Chinese residence permit whose expiry date is at least three months after the date of the return in China)

* Chinese citizens are allowed to apply for their visa in the Application Centre closer to their living place, without distinction regarding the family book or residence permit or working place. This rule does not apply for foreigner citizens, Chinese citizens living/studying abroad or applicants who submit documents for family reunion or work visa.

Please Note:

Please make sure that you are clear about your purpose of visit and the visa category must be chosen by the applicant him/herself. Visa Application Centre staff is not allowed to make the choice for you. Our work is primarily administrative and we have no saying in the decision making process.