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Additional Services

Week-End VIP service

Starting from 16 October 2019 all Italy visa application centers in China will be open also on weekend.

Weekend opening aims to further simplify visa application process for travelers going to Italy, avoiding them the need of a day off from work.

Weekend VIP service is an optional service, and by choosing it individual visa applicants decide to go through the VIP service (additional cost for individual applicants: 100 CNY). Reservation is mandatory through dedicated website (

ADS travel agencies can book Weekend service for their groups by contacting Visa Application Centers via dedicated channels. Additional cost for ADS visa applicants is 75 CNY.

If you are an ADS visa applicant, you can ask your tour operator to have fingerprint appointment scheduled on Sunday for your convenience.

VIP premium service lounge

A VIP premium service lounge is available at the visa application centre. Applicants can book the appointment through website ( please click here).

VIP premium service lounge is available at the Italy visa application centre in Shanghai as an additional service charge of 240 RMB per applicant (inclusive of taxes). This charge is in addition to the visa application fee and service fee.

The service includes:

  • Express check in and checkout - less waiting
  • Dedicated premium lounge - more comfort
  • Dedicated premium service officer - more personalised service
  • Refreshments
  • Free photocopying (up to a limit of 10 Pages) - more value
  • Free status tracking through SMS

Please Note:

This service does not imply or guarantee in any way that applicants using the premium service will have a faster turnaround time or be successful in their visa application.

No refund of the optional fees will be done in case of withdrawal.

Courier service

Applicants may choose to have their processed passport delivered to their home/work address via courier. 

The applicable charge is:

Courier: CNY50.00 per application

Photo and Photocopying services

The applicable charges are:

Photographs: CNY30.00 for 6 photographs

Photocopies: CNY1.00 per page

Status tracking through SMS

SMS and e-mail news updates will be sent to your mobile and your registered e-mail address provided in your application form, informing the status of your visa application. You will receive several automated messages to your mobile and e-mail informing you what stage your application is within the process. The service supports the transfer of SMS text into the language of your choice (Chinese and English languages are available). At the end of the process you will receive an automated message informing you that Italy Consulate of Shanghai, China has made a decision on your visa application. You will not be informed on the outcome of the decision on your visa application.

You can avail this service for CNY 15 at the time you submit your visa application form and supporting documents at the visa application centre. The SMS service application form can be downloaded and completed before you visit the application centre.

Please read the SMS Disclaimer carefully before applying for this service.

Passport Return Check service

Starting from Monday 24 October 2016, ADS Tour Operators can decide to deliver to their nearest Visa Application Centres the passports and relevant documents due for passport return check at the Consulate. The Visa Application Centres will deliver passports and documents to the Consulate, collect them after the verification and deliver to you at the Centre where you deposited them.

The applicable charges are:

Shanghai: CNY 5.00 per applicant

Hangzhou and Nanjing: CNY 10.00 per applicant

Italy - Visa At Your Doorstep

With the authorization from the Italian Embassy and the Consulates, we are pleased to Launch the Italy - Visa At Your Doorstep across People’s Republic of China (Mainland).

The Italy - VAYD (Visa At Your Doorstep) service enables you to lodge your Italy visa application without leaving your home, office or school campus.

Our expert and professional staff with the specialized and authorized equipment; under the guidance of the Italian Embassy and the Consulates will visit and assist you throughout the Visa application at your Home, Office or School campus

Special features of the Italy- VAYD service:

  • Special discounted rates for the Groups depending on the size
  • Personalized assistance by our trained and professional staff on completing the visa application form
  • Courier return delivery of processed documents
  • Available for individuals and groups* seeking to lodge the Italy Visa application at the same venue and time

*Ideal for groups e.g. Tourism, Business, School Camps seeking to apply together

The Italy - VAYD service is offered across all the cities in the People’s Republic of China (Mainland) and the service fee is applicable in accordance with the group size, the location and the consent of the Italian Embassy.

Simply send us an email on to register