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Once you have applied for your visa to Italy and you are waiting for your application to be processed, you can track the status of your application here.

The Italian Consulate in Shanghai will make the final decision as to whether or not the visa shall be granted. Please remember that Italy Visa Application Centers do not have any saying in the decision making process.

  1. Once you receive your visa, please remember:

Holding a valid visa does not automatically give the right of entry to Schengen area

Please, be aware that holding a short-stay visa does not automatically entitle to enter Schengen area. Once arrived at Schengen border control, or during other controls, travelers may be asked to provide information on means of support, on how long they intend to stay in the Schengen State, and why they are visiting the Schengen State.

It is therefore recommended to carry with you copies of the documents presented when you applied for the visa (e.g. letters of invitation, travel confirmations, other documents stating the purpose of stay). For more information, please read art. 5 of Schengen borders code.

How to read a Schengen visa sticker and correctly use your Schengen visa

“Duration of stay … days” indicates the number of days you may stay in the Schengen area. The days should be counted from the date you enter the Schengen area (the entry stamp) to the date you exit the Schengen area (the exit stamp), i.e. both days included. The period of time between “From … until” is usually longer than the number of days printed in the “Duration of stay”. The difference in period is meant to give you flexibility to plan your entry into and exit from the Schengen area, but your stay in the Schengen area must never exceed the exact number of days in the “Duration of stay … days” filed. No matter how many days you have stayed in the Schengen area, you must leave no later than the date printed in the “Until” field.

In case you are a multi-entry visa holder, please remember that for intended stays on the territory of the Member States duration of stay cannot be more than 90 days in any 180-day period, which entails considering the 180-day period preceding each day of stay. In order to avoid over-stay or to better know how many days you can still stay in Schengen territory, please check here the European Commission calculator.

How to correctly use your Italian national visa

All Italian national visa holders, once arrived in Italy must convert their visa into a residence permit (“permesso di soggiorno”) applying within 8 days from first entry in Italy. Applications must be submitted to relevant police authorities of the Province of intended residence. Residence permit duration will be the same as indicated in the visa. Residence permits can be renovated or extended directly in Italy.

Further information

For any further information, please also read the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the website of the European Commission.

  1. In case your visa was refused, please check the refusal notification that you will receive together with your passport. On the notification you will find the motivation of the refusal and information on how to appeal against it.

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