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Step 1

Prepare your application and supporting documents:

Go to “ Short Term Visa” link on this website to understand details of different visa types. There you can find information on the photo specifications, documents required, processing times and more.

Step 2

Fill out one Visa Application Form per applicant and sign the Visa Application Form (if minor, signed by either parents or legal guardians).

Please read the security regulation notice before visiting the centre.

Step 3

Submit your visa application:

Visit the Visa Application center and submit your completed Visa Application Form along with required supporting documents. Please see the Contact Us page for the location of the centre. In order to avoid a second trip to the Visa Application center after your application has been processed, you may option for a commercial courier delivery service of your passport for an additional fee.

Step 4

Pay application fee:

Visa fee is paid at the submission counter in cash in Chinese Yuan. Receipt will be provided for all payments made at the centre.

Step 5

Collect your ready passport:

Track the progress of your application and come accordingly to pick up your passport. If you have opted for a commercial courier delivery service your passport will be delivered to your chosen address.