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For Prospective Applicants

If you wish to apply for a short term visa , long term visa or permanent residence permit to South Africa, kindly read the information on this site carefully. If you follow the guidelines listed on this site, you will be able to submit your documents accurately. This will reduce the chances of your application being rejected due to inadequate or faulty submission of documents.

Who qualifies for this Visa:

A visa or permit may be issued to Chinese citizens and foreigners with valid residence in the PRC. Only certain countries require a visa for South Africa. The countries listed in Visa Exemption List do not need a visa (subject to the conditions indicated) for South Africa. If a nationality /Country is not listed in the Visa Exemption List, then a visa is required.

For Visa Exemption List, please find it in details from below:
Click here.

Other important information regarding visas:

  1. Only applicants with valid residence in the PRC can apply through the South African Embassy & Consulate-General in the PRC.
  2. The visa only enables the holder to proceed to a port of entry before or on the expiry date of the visa, where the holder must comply with the applicable law, regulation and entry requirements.
  3. The visa shall upon admission, be considered to be a permit for the purpose of the Act and the period of validity of that permit shall be calculated from the date of admission.
  4. The period for which a permit will be valid will be set out under the heading: “conditions” on the visa label.
  5. Applicants must ensure that they apply for the correct visa/permit as any change in the purpose of stay may be refused if the purpose of the original entry was not correctly stated.
  6. The holder of a visitor’s permit may not conduct work unless specifically authorised to do so in terms of Section 11(2) of the Act.
  7. The holder of a visitors permit may not establish or operate a business.
  8. Visas cannot be applied for at a South African port of entry (for example, an airport).
  9. Any applicant allowed entry into South Africa due to misrepresentation, or false declaration on the application form or who stays in South Africa in contravention of his/her visa/permit conditions shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine or to imprisonment as an illegal foreigner.
  10. After a visa is issued, the passport must contain one unused “visa” page for entry stamps.

Countries List within Yellow Fever:

A Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate (If that person traveled to Yellow Fever Countries within 6 months before Applying South Africa Visa in china or intends travelling from or through a yellow fever area) , Vaccination certificate is required from travelers from these counties

Angola Kenya
Benin Liberia
Burkina Faso Mali
Burundi Niger
Cameroon Nigeria
Central African Republic Sao Tome and Principe
Chad Senegal
Congo Sierra Leone
Equatorial Guinea Somalia
Ethiopia Sudan
Gabon Rwanda
Gambia Tanzania
Ghana Togo
Guinea Uganda
Guinea-Bissau Zaire
Ivory Coast  
South America
Bolivia Guyana
Brazil Panama
Colombia Peru
Ecuador Surinam
French Guyana Venezuela